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1. Use of Website


Use of the Website and all services provided is subject to acceptance of the Terms of Use described herein, which you infer from any such use. By accessing the Website and using the Website, its content and services, you accept these Terms of Use and the Cookie Policy. Read the Terms of Use carefully and contact us for any clarifications at info@cefi.eu

2. Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights


All texts, designs, images, graphics, sound files, animation files, image files and their placement and layout on the Website are protected by applicable copyright protection laws. The copyright belongs exclusively to The Centre for Inclusion at Work, IKE, or to its affiliated companies or to the natural persons and companies and organizations from which it has received permission to exploit their content through the website.


It is expressly prohibited to reproduce, republish, retransmit, redistribute or modify any text, article, research and in general information of this website by any electronic or non-printed or other means. The website may contain images, texts or other elements whose intellectual property rights belong to third parties. In any case of exploiting the content, in particular referring to information or elements or sharing texts, information and any elements, it is mandatory to refer to the source of origin.


Each user is granted access to digital content exclusively for his/her personal use. After acceptance of the Terms of Use, non-commercial use and reproduction of the content is permitted, provided that the reproduced product is subsequently freely available via the Internet or other suitable means and is accompanied by a clear and distinct reference to its source of origin. Any other use requires the express written permission of the Company or the copyright holder.


Unless otherwise stated, all rights to the trademarks and/or distinctive features mentioned or displayed on this website belong to The Centre for Inclusion at Work.

3. Connection to other websites (links)


The Website may provide access to other websites. The Centre for Inclusion at Work is not responsible for the content, availability, operation and efficiency of such websites. And their content does not bind The Centre for Inclusion at Work in any way, while any reference or reference to them through the Website does not constitute, and in no case should be taken, as approval or unconditional recommendation to use these websites.

4. Registration


The Website provides every visitor with the possibility to register in order to receive informational material about The Centre for Inclusion at Work’s actions and the fields it deals with, e.g., by sending a newsletter. At the time of registration, each user defines and submits his/her name and email address, which address he/she declares to be existing, true and under his/her full and exclusive control and responsibility. The company is not responsible for any damage caused by third party access to his/her e-mail.


The acceptance of the terms of use of the Website and the completion of the e-mail address on behalf of the user constitutes his/her unreserved consent for The Centre for Inclusion at Work to use the e-mail address for the purposes for which it was given.


The deletion of the user is possible by submitting a relevant request electronically to the contact details of the website info@cefi.eu.

5. Obligations – Limitation of Company Liability


The Company bears no responsibility for the content and information included on the Website. The user acknowledges and agrees that the content is provided “as is”, without guarantees of any kind, whether direct or indirect and in particular without guarantee: a) for the uninterrupted provision of the service, b) for the availability, reliability, completeness or accuracy of the service information or content, c) for suitability of use for a specific purpose d) that the services will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free


This limitation of liability clause applies to any damage that may arise from failure or failure to provide, error, omission, interruption, defect, delay in transmission or service, virus or other malicious computer software, telecommunication connection failure, etc.


The Centre for Inclusion at Work undertakes to inform about any modifications or any change, through a published announcement on the Website. Any use of the Website after such modification shall be deemed to constitute acceptance of the changes, modifications, additions or deletions.


The services provided and the content in general do not constitute business or other advice and do not constitute or include a prompt for any action, on the contrary it is expressly stated that they are only a transmission of information.


Under any circumstances, including the case of negligence, The Centre for Inclusion at Work is not responsible for any form of damage suffered by the user for any error or omission of information, regarding the accuracy and reliability of the above information and data, for any damage arising directly or indirectly from the use of the above information.


In case of unauthorized use of the Website, the user is obliged to indemnify The Centre for Inclusion at Work, its employees, executives and partners for any loss, expense, damage and cost, including any costs of legal advisors, that may arise from the violation of the present terms and conditions of use of this website on behalf of the user.

6. Special terms


This constitutes the entire agreement between The Centre for Inclusion at Work and the users of the Website and is binding on both parties only. No modification of these terms shall be considered and shall not form part of this agreement unless it is made in writing and incorporated herein. The Centre for Inclusion at Work reserves to itself the right to unilaterally later modify/revoke/remove part or all of this without notice and with effect from the time of posting the latest corresponding wording of the terms of use on the Website.


The Centre for Inclusion at Work reserves the right to modify the services and the Pricing Policy, subject to a relevant posting on the Website.


The Centre for Inclusion at Work is not responsible for any civil and/or criminal claims by the user or third parties, for reasons related to the operation or non-operation of the website or the temporary inability to provide services.

7. Applicable Law – Jurisdiction


The above terms and conditions of use of the website, as well as any subsequent modification thereof, are governed and supplemented by Greek law, European Union law and relevant International Treaties. Any provision of the above terms contrary to the law, is considered null and void without in any way affecting the validity of the other terms.


Any dispute, dispute or conflict that may arise from the application or interpretation of this Agreement shall be resolved by Mediation conducted by a specially trained and certified Mediator, in accordance with the provisions of Law 4640/2019. In the event that the disputing parties come to Mediation, but no agreement is reached, then anyone who wishes may appeal to the judicial process, the Courts of Athens being exclusively competent.