REWORK – Leading inclusion


REWORK – Leading inclusion in a hybrid and remote workplace

An Erasmus+ project that develops training resources and tools for people managers and human resource professionals for addressing the challenges that hybrid and remote work poses on DE&I.

The principles of equality, inclusiveness and fairness are part of the core values of the European Union, and the new and boundaryless hybrid and remote working environment has created increased concerns for a host of challenges especially around inclusivity and discrimination. Our project aims at providing organizations with the support they need to mitigate these challenges coming from hybrid and remote work and to support them to future proof their organizations for DE&I.

Since HRW is here to stay, it is necessary to develop new training programs and tools for professionals with Human Resource and people management responsibilities in large organizations but also in SMEs that create awareness around the emergence of biases in hybrid and remote work and provide them with the appropriate knowledge and tools to make hybrid and remote work more inclusive, since previous organizational DE&I practices might no longer be fit for the new world of work.