Our Desire to Make an Impact

Who we are

CEFI is co-founded by Olivia Kyriakidou and Joana Vassilopoulou, two DE&I academics with extensive experience in high-quality research, creative and engaging training and impactful consulting for multiple organizations. We believe that we can help organizations create inclusive and modern workplaces where everyone can express their authentic selves and thrive, where everyone can feel seen and valued and able to offer their unique sense of self.

Why we created CEFI

After so many years of experience, we felt, just like many other middle-age women, that we are not that happy with what we are doing professionally even though we have very successful professional careers and we love our jobs. We strongly felt that what is missing is our need to have a meaningful impact through our work, to leave something behind, to do in practice what we teach. And we also felt that we could do it!

We know that ED&I in Greece needs substantial support for the necessary changes to happen for all the people who desire and deserve human-centric, respectful, equitable and sustainable workplaces. We know that in most countries ED&I needs support not only to scratch the surface but to create thriving workplaces where all people feel seen and valued.

We know how much support human resource managers need to create transformative solutions, strategies and practices, and shifts in mindsets and behaviors at all levels of the organization. We know how much support people managers need to build trust, respect and human connection with their people across difference. We know how much support leaders need to create just and equitable workplaces where everyone can thrive. We know how much support every disadvantaged and marginalized individual needs in the workplace in order to thrive.

We are here to provide such support. Each of us as co-founders of CEFI has a personal diversity story to tell that shapes our interest to do this work and our desire to make a difference and have a stronger impact in our communities. There is great power in difference! By employing a human-centric design and co-creation approach, we are committed to meet you where you are in your DE&I journey and empower and enable your growth toward impactful and sustainable change.

If you think that it is time to maximize the value of diversity, equity, and inclusion in your workplace and create safe, meaningful, and innovative workplaces for everyone, contact us to learn more.

Olivia and Joana